Ma Passion is a Cameroonian love story expressed with choreographic movements – contemporary dance from Cameroon. The story of the two dancers is accompanied by spoken word poetry and percussive music.  It was written, choreographed and filmed in December 2011 in Yaoundé / Cameroon.

Duration: 22 min / Image: 16:9 HD/ Sound: Stereo / Language:  French / Subtitles: English, German

The story:

Dancer and refugee Berty was obliged to leave his country because of political unrest. During his flight he arrives in a neighboring country where he meets Clemence, a young female dancer. He sees her as perfect dancer and also as ideal companion for life. Only their origins separate them because Berty will be rejected by the family of his sweetheart. But let’s not forget they have in common something unshakeable: The Art of Dance.



Important notice:

Sidoine Boris Talom, the Cameroonian Co-Director of Ma Passion was seriously threatened by unknown violent forces in Yaoundé due to his participation in the film “139… Les derniers prédateurs”. The whole filmcrew received death threats via sms and the director Richard Djimili was kidnapped and tortured in March 2013. Read more about the case and the situation of cameroonian filmmakers here:

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